Maximise your advertising budget

  • Do you truly understand audience reach?
  • Do you know which outdoor sites have the strongest traffic counts?
  • What is the appropriate CPM for purchasing television airtime for your demographic?

Advertising can be a confusing world that’s ever changing. TV, radio, print, digital, outdoor, buses, cinema – there are so many options it’s hard to know where to start. Having to deal with multiple sales people from multiple media outlets is time consuming.  Simplify your life and take the stress out of your advertising decision making and make the call to Admix Media.

Talk to us about your budget, outline the audience you’d like to target and we’ll handle it from there. We’ll design a custom media plan to deliver a high impact campaign that gives you the most bang for your buck.

We service clients, large and small, from all over the country. With 35+ years of experience in the media industry and contacts with a huge range of suppliers we can offer bespoke advertising strategies that really deliver results.

We are a fully recognised media agency and trade directly with all media stakeholders.

Our media strategy is explained to you in easy to understand advice and best of all it costs you no extra to work with our team.

Get the right coverage across the right mediums.

Imagine having one monthly invoice for all your advertising! Your accounting is made simple.